Preparing For Your Photo Shoot


Being prepared for your photo shoot will produce a relaxed, comfortable look that best expresses your personality.


Select two to three outfits, or dress in layers to change your look throughout the shoot. Aim for one casual, one dressy and one definitively "you" outfit that

says something about your personality. Choose suitable jewelry (adjust chain lengths if needed), accessories, socks, and shoes for each. Earth-tones are best, maroon, earthy greens, navy, rich browns. Avoid bright colors (consider adding just a splash of bright color) and busy patterns, logos -- which are

distracting in photos.  Avoid sleeveless tops, which can make arms too prominent, low-cut tops or very short skirts as they do not always stay in place

and can limit your mobility. Iron in advance, bring all attire on hangers and bring an iron for emergency touch-ups.


Plan your hairstyle or haircut and schedule a hair appointment a week before the shoot.  Being photographed too soon after getting a fresh style can

prevent you from looking like yourself.


Visit your eye doctor, if you wear glasses. Have your lenses removed, or borrow a pair of similar frames without lenses. Even glare-resistant lenses

reflect light, and removing distortions is costly when possible at all.


Perfect your face. Ladies -- wear make-up, even if you don't usually. Keep coverage natural, your make-up should enhance your natural beauty

rather than distract from it.  Decide your look before the day of your shoot, and bring make-up along for touch-ups. Stay away from glitter -- which

may show up as white spots -- and SPF products, which can make you look shiny.

Guys -- you should also consider wearing powder to keep your skin from looking shiny. Give yourself a clean shave, neatly trim facial hair or bring a razor to shave before formal pictures if you want facial hair in the others.


Have a manicure on the day of or before the shoot. Chipped polish will show, so clear polish or French manicures are ideal.


Avoid over-exposure to sun. Redness can be difficult and expensive to retouch.


Get a good nights' sleep for at least the two days before your shoot to look well-rested and stress-free in your photos.


Choose props that say something about you, sports equipment, musical instruments, skateboards or other hobby equipment -- even a friend or pet.


Lastly, plan to have fun and enjoy your shoot!!  See you soon.

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